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Thijs Standbouw does not only operate in its own country,
but also supplies stand construction worldwide!

Thijs Standbouw does not only operate in its own country,
but also supplies stand construction worldwide!

Thijs Standbouw is a family business from South-Holland and was established in February 2005. To date, we work every day for our clients to build the most beautiful and successful stand construction and exhibitions. Our client base is a mix of repeating exhibitions, like the Trade Fair in Aalsmeer for Royal FloraHolland, but also many new tradeshows at home and abroad.

Because we have everything at Thijs Standbouw, we are a favorite for many of our customers and a good choice for new customers. We are a full service trade partner. This includes the design and graphic construction of an exhibition or exhibition stand, or the delivery of uniform or individual stand construction. We are already active in sixteen countries, but we continue to grow and expand. That’s how Thijs Standbouw goes worldwide!

Thijs Standbouw is very active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and England. But we also provided exhibitions with stand construction in Sweden, Norway, Hungary and Turkey, among others. Below you can see where we have been active in recent years. Do you have a foreign job? Even then we are happy to be of service! Request your quote and discover the possibilities. Nothing is too crazy for us. You can keep it as simple or exuberant as you wish for your exhibition or exhibition stand.

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Your trusted trade partner!

Being present at a trade show is one thing, but dropping your stand is another. We know everything about that. That is why we continue to grow every year, in addition to our existing clientele. We are active for many more customers both at home and abroad. Thijs Standbouw BV now has one and a half decades of experience with everything that is involved in the realization of a trade fair and stand and is therefore the best choice as a trusted trade partner.

We work nationally and internationally with leading exhibition organizations and clients. For many of these customers we can rebuild fair after fair. Not only because you can build on Thijs Standbouw, but also because we make standard stand construction special!